Strategic Aptitude Travesty

I was thinking a little bit about how I am not terribly good at real-time strategy games, and for some reason I felt that this was a failing I needed to correct. It seems sometimes that everyone in the world is better at these kinds of games than I am. Well… almost everyone. I met, long ago in my travels, someone who could not really be described as a “gamer”… he really only played a particular Civil War game. Poorly. I never thought I would see the Union and the Confederacy both lose the Battle of Gettysburg at the same time until that day. I figure that as bad as I can be playing RTSes, at least I never have had the neutral wildlife beat me down faster than my opponent.

Random Numbers

Couple things. I’m watching movies on the 30 days list in no particular order; however, indecisiveness got me into this mess to begin with, so I’m using a 30-sided die to determine what I want to watch if I can’t decide. So far it’s come up with the movies that are crossed off on the list, so you can tell– as if the constant stream of “My iPod is Trying To Kill Me” posts from before didn’t already clue you in– that the Random Number Gods do not look with favor upon my works.

Also, it really frustrated me that of all of the tracks claiming to be on The Shadow Out Of Tim, “Shhh…” wasn’t actually on the disc because “it didn’t fit with the narrative”. As I said, frustrated– for all of seven seconds, before I remembered that Google exists.

And now, another film. Ciao.

30 Movies In 30 Days

Today, I’m starting a little project to get me to watch a lot of the movies that I’ve collected but haven’t yet seen. From today, December 27th, 2008, until January 25th, 2009, my goal is to watch 30 movies. This has been in the works since late October, but only now that I’m satisfied with my game clears am I ready to stop all most gaming for a while and start watching. In any event, I’ve set up a page for the movie list; you can find it up there with the rest of the pages. Wish me luck, folks!

That Which Does Not Kill You…

So… hello.

This project– my name-domain– has been a very long time in coming. For a while now, I’ve been straining to get away from some of the more unfortunate assumptions that come along with the online sobriquet “TheFurryOne”. Specifically, yeah, the whole animal thing. I’m not. Really. Fortunately this blog seeks to correct that by making this post pretty much the only time I’m going to even mention it in full, the rest being conveniently abbreviated to TFO.

So. Why am I pulling up stakes and moving to this here homestead (which in and of itself should give me the willies and flashbacks to GeoCities)? The answer, simply, is because I want to. I also happened to have the opportunity to realize that I was using WordPress’s “categories” and “tags” features completely wrong, so separating my old content from my new seemed easier than going through and redoing the whole thing.

Sounds good, huh? Well, it’s going to be rough. This new theme, while very pretty, has some issues; it’ll be a while until I figure out how to get everything back the way I want it. The Xbox gamercard will probably stay off for a while (for reasons which will be evident soon), and I’m not even going to bother with the “now playing” and Backloggery things just yet because I never update them. The Twitter display needs to get put back, though.

Oh, one last thing: the forums are NOT going anywhere. They’re staying right where they were… which is fine by me, really.

Anyway. Lots of stuff to take care of today, so I’ll be off. Take care, folks, and soon there will be strange.