Travelling Without Moving

On the one hand, I’m still young enough to be completely impulsive and want to drive to Ohayocon, in Columbus, OH (about a 6 hr drive), on nothing more than the whim and the knowledge that it’s an anime con.

On the other hand, however, I’m old enough to realize that the damn near blizzard conditions outside might make a six hour drive less than pleasant.

…’s still 50-50 whether or not it will actually stop me tomorrow, but we’ll see.

(incoherent rage)

Today was Bad. The people who need to know why already know why. The rest of you will just have to guess.

No, it’s not because I keep getting one-miss runs in DJ Max, but that’s not exactly helping the de-stressing much.

EDIT, about two hours later: Today got a little better after I was able to bang out some code for the XNA project. For more about that, you’ll just have to wait until I get some more work done on the whole mess.

My DJ So Bad

A word about DJ Max Fever (released yesterday for the PSP): YES.

I realize that’s insufficient to serve as a detailed review. Here then are two words about DJ Max Fever: F$#% YES.

Really, if you’re not clear on my thoughts by now, I honestly don’t know what else I could say. The fact that I’m terrible at it notwithstanding.


Picked up Hidamari Sketch today… and it’s not likely I’ll be putting it down for a while. I have to admit that I like the 4-koma style more than traditional comics (from either side of the Pacific), and HS is probably the first one I’ve encountered since Azumanga Daioh. Doesn’t hurt that it’s cute beyond belief.

What I Learned Playing Video Games

1. Mushrooms do funny things.
2. Any male with long hair is instantly to be distrusted. Especially if it’s white hair.
3. There is always a traitor in the group. Altruism isn’t for everyone, it seems.
4. Negotiating a peaceful solution is always preferable to fighting. If only zombies, demon lords, and cybernetic abominations shared this view… (sigh)
5. If you must fight, make sure you save your best weapons until the very end, because you don’t want to waste them on something that will come later.
(5a. Something is always coming later.)
6. When in doubt, touch it. If you can touch it again, then it’s either beneficial or an obstacle. If not, then you’ve discovered a terminal cure for curiosity.
7. Rampant, excessive, wanton property damage is fun. Rampant, excessive, wanton destruction of very expensive, high-performance automobiles is even more fun.
(7a. By extension, using very expensive, high-performance automobiles to cause inestimable damage to life, limb, and property is as close to nirvana as you can get.)
8. Brute force will always fall to superior strategy. All the computer will ever give you is brute force, while it (being a computer) has the edge in the strategy department. Good luck.
9. If a small tribe of simulated people inhabit a simulated house, all under your control, it is your sacred duty to remove all the toilets and doors from the house. Pointing and laughing insanely is optional.
(9a. Optional, but encouraged.)
10. Above all else, when no course of action seems to lead to victory, remember that you have one recourse that will vanquish all virtual foes without fail: the power button.


I did not miss writing today. Obviously this post was made at the time listed and not merely back-dated. You are mistaken. I am a weather balloon. Swamp gas! Light reflecting from Venus! Not late!

It’s Hard For A Novel Pimp

I’m loath to advertise myself, really, especially to the few people still reading this blog, but I feel that I ought to get the word out somehow. I’m running a contest over on the novel site, and to be completely honest the entry criteria are very low. Which fits, really, because the prize is kind of small, too… but I’m hoping it gets me enough attention to warrant running it again later on.

That’s really about it for today. Probably going to work on the windowing system more, or play through Vesperia, or both. Who knows.

Path Of Inspiration

I decided to forego playing more of Tales of Vesperia tonight in order to do a little bit of “testing the waters” coding with XNA (yes, again). I’m getting much more comfortable with it and with C# in general, to the point where I’m starting to think a step ahead of each command I enter– meaning, I’m not struggling to do the most basic tasks anymore. I have to admit that Visual Studio does a lot to make programmers feel at home, and the newest XNA Framework has advanced enough where I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore. It’s to the point where I’m no longer relying on code samples exclusively and can branch out on my own.

As soon as I have something worth showing off, I’ll upload it for perusal. In the meantime, just take my word for it: I’ve made more progress tonight than I have in quite literally years.