When something bad happens, that’s legitimately beyond our control, we still have this instinctive urge to blame something or someone. The easiest target is God, The Universe, Fate, Or Whatever. The second easiest target is ourselves.

Neither one is right, but that hasn’t stopped anyone before.


(Sorry, folks, but my internet service has dropped the ball– completely unrelated to any rumors you may have heard, I should add– so I’m likely not going to be able to get any posts of any substance up and running over the next couple of days. I’ll try to post from the phone whenever possible and feasible, but don’t count on much more than just brief observations. With any luck we’ll be back in business on Monday.)

Unsolicited Advice

Here’s a tip for all you young folks out there just starting your collegiate education in the wonderful field of programming. Go out right now and get the SCJP6 study guide, and get your certification during your school years, and not afterwards. I mean it.

I’m probably going to have to switch gears a little bit with my own plan and just sit in on the course this time around until I can focus on the book and the exam, probably at the beginning of 2011. There’re a lot of projects planned for 2011, in fact, but that’s the really big one as far as I can see.

Small Comforts

Over lunch, I went out and got a milkshake from a fairly popular, yet mostly maligned, fast food restaurant. I’ll be the first to admit that it was totally not what I should have been drinking, and that it was an extravagance in a time when I really need to be thinking about my budget and wallet. I’ll also say, for what little defense that it grants me, that I very, very seldom have milkshakes, and that I was out anyway, so whatever else I ate for lunch today probably did far more damage to me nutritionally than about twelve fluid ounces of partially-melted ice cream could ever hope to do.

Looking back at it now, you wouldn’t think it was anything particularly special, and indeed it wasn’t. But sometimes, being just a little bit special… sometimes, that’s all it takes.

This Disillusion Illusion

I got to thinking a little bit about some of the things that have usually happened around this time of year. As August winds down and the fall begins, my mind tends towards the past, and thoughts of home. Three years ago, as August was ending, I was struck by an amazing amount of inspiration, and wound up writing what would eventually metamorphose into the beginnings of the universe in which A Civics Lesson is set. The musings therein spawned the title of this post, in point of fact, and while it no longer fits the story, it’s still appropriate. Because now, in this week or so, I’ve managed to be struck with more inspiration, in particular to finish up Frangible Time and hopefully start on a formal outline for the sequel to ACL.

Which is great news, considering I thought I’d be too busy to work on any writing for the foreseeable future.


It’s hard for me to say what exactly happened with the Turbografx. Don’t get me wrong, it works– flawlessly, in point of fact– but, well, I can’t say it was on the “Reclamation” List because I never actually had a TG-16 back in the day. In truth, the Relcamation List is literally empty now: anything that I had in the past that I could consider worth having back, I have found again, and the things which I don’t have exact copies of I have found in other media (for example, Chrono Trigger DS instead of the SNES cartridge). I’m beyond Reclamation and now into… Hm. I need a new word for the list, preferably one that starts with R. Relic List? Rarities List? Redoubtability List?

Favored Enemy

Over the past couple of days I’ve received word that something I particularly dislike, for very personal and private reasons, is happening to an alarming number of my friends and family. They didn’t do anything to bring it on themselves, nor could they have; more importantly it’s not something that can be blamed on anything. In the end it’s still all about random chance. Things happen, and while we may not know or may never be able to comprehend the reason why, that reason still exists in the mind of the universe.

It’s also important to note that just because it’s random, doesn’t mean we can’t fight like hell to keep it from winning.


Another quiet day, folks. My best guess has me at around 5-10% complete for phase two of the current project, which is ahead of where I thought I’d be. I still have time, though this weekend is going to be full of work on a couple other tasks that have been sitting idle for a while.

Tonight, though, I’m taking in a film. Catch you all later.

Pre-Order Your Soap On A Rope Now

So apparently some idiot decided it would be a good idea to rob six Gamestops. Let’s set aside the obvious Clerks-esque “in a row?” comments and take a look at one of the key details of the case: when it happened. Captain Dumbass here decided to rob a Gamestop in March. Because March is, as you all know, when Gamestop does its most brisk business in advance of the holiday season. Granted, it’s the Easter holiday season, and that little stretch of time in, oh, I don’t know, late November and early December miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight bring in a little more dough.

Crime, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity. Crime isn’t the best way to get ahead in this world, but there’s just a little bit of awe involved in pulling off a caper with some style, or at the very least brains. Sadly, this story had neither.