Gamerscore Milestone: 20000 Points

This morning, my Xbox/Games For Windows Live Gamerscore exceeded 20000 points. The achievement that put me over this plateau was “Suicide Mission (50G)” from Mass Effect 2. My current count for achievements, according to, is 1188 individual achievements across 126 games, totaling 20305 points. The average value of each achievement is 17.09 points, with an average count of 161.15 points per game (the Xbox Dashboard reports 21.44% gamerscore completion and 27.49% achievement completion, with seven fully-completed games). It took 61 days to reach this point from the previous plateau of 19005 on May 24th, 2011. 68 achievements were collected in this time, totaling 1300 points, with an average value of 19.12 points, and a collection rate of one achievement approximately every 21 hours, 31 minutes, and 46 seconds.

Breaking News Breaks Hearts

Last night, Capcom announced that Mega Man Legends 3– a game I’ve been championing for over seven years— has been cancelled, with no hope of being picked back up. They were very formal and clinical in the announcement.

Related, I would like to make an announcement of my own. Effective immediately, I have cancelled all plans to purchase games bearing the Capcom name, including but not limited to Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Street Fighter III XBLA, Ghost Trick, Okamiden, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Capcom sadly has not met the required criteria for my continued business, and it’s with regret that I have to make this decision. Below, I have provided an FAQ for this matter.

Q: Are there plans to purchase Capcom games in the future?
A: Currently there are none.

Q: I want to keep playing the Capcom games I’ve purchased.
A: Capcom games will not be played (by John, at least) during “everyday” usage, but will be brought to conventions and other special events for a limited time.

Q: Is there a chance that game announcements from Capcom will be taken seriously in the future?
A: No, I am afraid not.

Q: Will it be okay to give John special access to Capcom games in exchange for a reversal of his position?
A: I will not refuse delivery of any free games that Capcom may send, but until certain criteria are met, they won’t be played, reviewed, or acknowledged.

Q: Will the money that was going to be spent on Capcom games be used to buy other games?
A: Yes; already, plans are in the works to support companies like Atlus, Nicalis, Aksys, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Media.Vision, Natsume, Sega, XSEED JKS, Mistwalker, Monolith, Bioware, Carpe Fulgur, Beyond Madness & Genius, Treasure, Q? Entertainment, Ubi Soft…

Q: Can you please give me more information as to why the Capcom purchasing plan was cancelled so close to the announcement of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?
A: The project was cancelled for the reasons outlined in the statement.

Q: Is the cancellation of the Capcom purchasing plan related to the departure of Inafune-san from the company?
A: The cancellation of the project is only tangentially related to Inafune-san’s departure.

Q: Will there be any future reconsideration of this cancellation, or is this a final decision?
A: We certainly welcome Capcom to provide a compelling reason for me to reconsider my decision, including resumption of the Mega Man Legends 3 project, a sincere apology to the fans who supported MML3 before its announcement by buying the limited-edition Servbot and celebrating the game, a detailed explanation of the reason behind the cancellation beyond “certain criteria”, the release of a Breath of Fire game in North America, and/or relinquishing the rights to the Mega Man series to Inafune. But, until one or more of those criteria are met, the decision will stand.

Thank you.