I was sick on the 30th, so naturally that’s when Stuff began to Happen. With any luck I’ll have this sorted out soon enough. In the meantime I’m putting up some preemptive Bailout for today.


I’ve gone over the details of the test drives pretty intensely over the last couple days on other services, so really there’s very little to cover here that hasn’t already filtered to the people who’d be interested in it. So, the bottom line is that I’m going to be the owner of a VW in a few weeks. I’m a little excited.

Namely because I really want to not be trapped in this apartment on the weekends anymore, and because quite frankly not having a car stopped me from actually doing something that would have been cool this weekend. I had my pick of cool things to do and everything. Some of them were even social.

Not like I’m bitter or anything.

Mopping Up

I have been dealing with the stress of the situation that I’m in at the moment by trying to keep myself busy enough that I feel like I’m being productive, even if I’m not actually being so. To that end, I’m probably making some pretty effective use of the weekend; I’m clearing out a few Xbox achievements I’ve been meaning to get to, including some Rock Band ones for vocals and guitar, and maybe actually getting to the end of Time Pilot. This is being done in between painting some miniatures I’ve been procrastinating on.

Even still, I’d love nothing more than to not have quite this much free time at home…

Misfiring On All Pistons

I’m exhausted, folks… Really, I’m shocked I managed to finish Mighty Switch Force. But with three games done for January I’m on track for the yearly goal, I think, as long as I keep up this pace. For now, I’m just going to go to bed and hope I have an easy trip home after work tomorrow.


I was exhausted when I got in on Wednesday, and I completely forgot to write a post. I have found that, amazingly, when I have to take the bus and I have to actually focus on the ride to make sure I can be let off at the right time, I can’t spend time composing posts.