Phoebe’s Works

This page links to work that Phoebe has done in her history as a programmer, writer, and translator.

Otaku Drive Time (2012-present)
Phoebe is a founding member of the podcast and frequent contributor to the website. Her weekly column Daigaku Z details her return to college, and she frequently weighs in on reviews of video games, tabletop games, and the occasional anime.

Linguankery (2009-2011, defunct)
Serialization of novel manuscripts written by Phoebe pre-transition.

Netjak (2004-2010, defunct)
Video game reviews. In 2006 Phoebe was responsible for troubleshooting difficulties that had kept the site offline for several months. Subsequently Phoebe was promoted to Editor. She stopped contributing to the site in late 2009.


Ramblings of a transwoman agitator