That Which Does Not Kill You…

So… hello.

This project– my name-domain– has been a very long time in coming. For a while now, I’ve been straining to get away from some of the more unfortunate assumptions that come along with the online sobriquet “TheFurryOne”. Specifically, yeah, the whole animal thing. I’m not. Really. Fortunately this blog seeks to correct that by making this post pretty much the only time I’m going to even mention it in full, the rest being conveniently abbreviated to TFO.

So. Why am I pulling up stakes and moving to this here homestead (which in and of itself should give me the willies and flashbacks to GeoCities)? The answer, simply, is because I want to. I also happened to have the opportunity to realize that I was using WordPress’s “categories” and “tags” features completely wrong, so separating my old content from my new seemed easier than going through and redoing the whole thing.

Sounds good, huh? Well, it’s going to be rough. This new theme, while very pretty, has some issues; it’ll be a while until I figure out how to get everything back the way I want it. The Xbox gamercard will probably stay off for a while (for reasons which will be evident soon), and I’m not even going to bother with the “now playing” and Backloggery things just yet because I never update them. The Twitter display needs to get put back, though.

Oh, one last thing: the forums are NOT going anywhere. They’re staying right where they were… which is fine by me, really.

Anyway. Lots of stuff to take care of today, so I’ll be off. Take care, folks, and soon there will be strange.

Ramblings of a transwoman agitator