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Something I’m finding to be an especially egregious problem in the world today is the lack of clarity in communications. For a good while now, I’ve noticed that people tend to word their conversations in such a way as to avoid actually making a clear, decisive statement one way or the other. This way, if the point that they are waving and gesticulating towards is somehow proven wrong at a later point, they can then go back and say, “Well, no, see, you missed what I was getting at, what I really meant was…”

This infuriates me. It’s not even so much the fact that I don’t do it– I certainly could, if the thought of doing so didn’t make me want to vomit out my lower intestines and strangle myself with them– it’s that people have been doing it so long that they seem to not even realize that they’re doing it. There’s no clear answers anymore, no straight up definition of facts. Anyone trying to tell you that their discourse is the truth is automatically lying, and while that may be harshly cynical, more often than not, it’s borne out as being a pretty reliable barometer.

The worst part is that when the inevitable confusion does arise, the fault is somehow turned on the person who did misunderstand. After all, listening skills are important, and if someone isn’t able to follow “simple, clear directions” then it reflects fantastically poorly on them. The speaker is never in the wrong, because the speaker can always weasel out of it. The burden of communications is put on the listener, and if that listener has the foresight to ask for clarification, they’re either brushed off entirely or the situation is muddied even further.

Apparently nobody actually learned anything from the fable of the Tower of Babel. Which, of course, doesn’t surprise me.

Circus Maximus

I started listening to XM Radio’s “POTUS ’08” station early in 2008 during the runup to the elections. I’ll spare you the rant over how the station was gutted pretty much immediately afterwards, but the bottom line is that I was fascinated at all of the sausage-making and inside-baseball that went on behind the scenes, and comparing it to how other radio stations were covering the primaries and the campaigns was an eye-opening astonishment.

POTUS went incredibly deep into the campaigns, detailing without bias what each side was doing when they took a course of action. I was hooked instantly– there was finally a station and service devoted to a centrist, honest, truly fair look at all sides of the election, and I loved it. It was the pinnacle of my idealized coverage: give the voters all the facts, don’t sugar-coat or condescend, and let the voters make actual informed decisions rather than gut-feeling rolls of the dice. While I have some issues with how the station is being run now– in particular I dislike the afternoon call-in show, because a) centrism doesn’t need a pulpit-beater like Pete Dominick, and b) I hate call-in shows anyway– I still think it’s a great way to get accurate information about the campaign. I’m like as not to continue to pay for satellite radio specifically for POTUS, because there’s f%$#-all in terms of a centrist viewpoint on terrestrial airwaves. But that’s not my point today.

A couple weeks ago, Senator John McCain– a man who, while I disagree with him on a great many things, I respect greatly for his behavior during the conclusion of his 2008 presidency campaign– noted that this was the ugliest primary race for the Republican nomination in his memory, and that it was doing little but to divide his party. Meanwhile, other Republicans were saying that the protracted bullfight between the front-runners is a good thing, because it keeps the campaign in the media.

I’m starting to think that certain political analysts are confusing the campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America with a season of Survivor.

Busy Busy

Folks, I’m sure you’re disappointed in me for the rather alarming number of missed posts recently. I am as shamed as you are. I’m probably going to take a little bit of time this evening to write up some shorter posts and pre-load them for the month of March just so I don’t have to scramble for Bailout first thing in the morning. I’ll have to have some canned posts ready for during the convention, at the very least. Still, it’s my goal to make sure that I have a fresh post ready for you all once the convention preparation period is over. Thank you for bearing with this.


I just saw a commercial this morning that, for the first twenty seconds, sounded like a political advertisement. I was scrambling to try to remember what office the man was running for, and to see if I could figure out what party he was from, and to try to connect his victories in motorsports to political parallels.

It turned out to be a commercial for a car dealership. Dude was just a race driver.

Is it November 10th yet?


I’ve gone over the details of the test drives pretty intensely over the last couple days on other services, so really there’s very little to cover here that hasn’t already filtered to the people who’d be interested in it. So, the bottom line is that I’m going to be the owner of a VW in a few weeks. I’m a little excited.

Namely because I really want to not be trapped in this apartment on the weekends anymore, and because quite frankly not having a car stopped me from actually doing something that would have been cool this weekend. I had my pick of cool things to do and everything. Some of them were even social.

Not like I’m bitter or anything.


I know that I am very easily frustrated by my own general incompetence. I am also aware that I come down harder on myself than anyone else ever could when I come across a situation that, through my own fault, causes me extended grief. I am further aware that complaining and angsting about it does little good in the long run compared to actively working to remedy the problem.

Today I forgot all those things for about an hour and a half.

But now, on the other side of it, all I’ll say is that I am going to run a game of Paranoia very soon and I am going to gleefully inflict the bureaucratic hell that I have just endured upon an unsuspecting world ten– no, a hundredfold.


Oh yeah, now I remember why it’s difficult to do daily posts. Because every single time I stand at my desk and try to think about what I want to write about, I inevitably trawl through the archive of posts until, an hour later, I find I still haven’t even opened up the post window.

ANYWAY. Today’s the last day of my vacation, and I realize that aside from going home and coming back, I haven’t done much of anything that I really meant to accomplish over the break. Now, granted, what I did do was important and good. But the cleaning, the cooking, a few errands… they all are left to today. Back to the insane, hectic, unstoppable grind.

Bring it on.

Breaking News Breaks Hearts

Last night, Capcom announced that Mega Man Legends 3– a game I’ve been championing for over seven years— has been cancelled, with no hope of being picked back up. They were very formal and clinical in the announcement.

Related, I would like to make an announcement of my own. Effective immediately, I have cancelled all plans to purchase games bearing the Capcom name, including but not limited to Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, Street Fighter III XBLA, Ghost Trick, Okamiden, and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. Capcom sadly has not met the required criteria for my continued business, and it’s with regret that I have to make this decision. Below, I have provided an FAQ for this matter.

Q: Are there plans to purchase Capcom games in the future?
A: Currently there are none.

Q: I want to keep playing the Capcom games I’ve purchased.
A: Capcom games will not be played (by John, at least) during “everyday” usage, but will be brought to conventions and other special events for a limited time.

Q: Is there a chance that game announcements from Capcom will be taken seriously in the future?
A: No, I am afraid not.

Q: Will it be okay to give John special access to Capcom games in exchange for a reversal of his position?
A: I will not refuse delivery of any free games that Capcom may send, but until certain criteria are met, they won’t be played, reviewed, or acknowledged.

Q: Will the money that was going to be spent on Capcom games be used to buy other games?
A: Yes; already, plans are in the works to support companies like Atlus, Nicalis, Aksys, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Media.Vision, Natsume, Sega, XSEED JKS, Mistwalker, Monolith, Bioware, Carpe Fulgur, Beyond Madness & Genius, Treasure, Q? Entertainment, Ubi Soft…

Q: Can you please give me more information as to why the Capcom purchasing plan was cancelled so close to the announcement of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?
A: The project was cancelled for the reasons outlined in the statement.

Q: Is the cancellation of the Capcom purchasing plan related to the departure of Inafune-san from the company?
A: The cancellation of the project is only tangentially related to Inafune-san’s departure.

Q: Will there be any future reconsideration of this cancellation, or is this a final decision?
A: We certainly welcome Capcom to provide a compelling reason for me to reconsider my decision, including resumption of the Mega Man Legends 3 project, a sincere apology to the fans who supported MML3 before its announcement by buying the limited-edition Servbot and celebrating the game, a detailed explanation of the reason behind the cancellation beyond “certain criteria”, the release of a Breath of Fire game in North America, and/or relinquishing the rights to the Mega Man series to Inafune. But, until one or more of those criteria are met, the decision will stand.

Thank you.